Why do They Eat Pearl Oyster After Taking off The Pearl?

There is a worldwide pearl industry with over one billion pearls being produced each year. Most of them approach us and ask, “Do they eat oyster after taking the pearls?” It’s a question we get pretty often, so we thought it was worth sharing with everyone.
When moving a pearl from the oyster, every part of the oyster is used, the shell is used to create mother pearl products and the muscle tissue is a little known delicacy .the edible muscle tissue is usually eaten by the employees of the pearl farm as well sold to the local restaurants.
Pearl Meat, the adductor muscle of the oyster, is a seafood delicacy with a fresh taste and tender texture. The soft part of mother-of-pearl contains many kinds of amino acids, especially taurine, can inhibit platelet aggregation, reducing blood pressure, lower cholesterol, protection, promote brain development, etc. Because only small quantities of pearl meat tend to be harvested annually it is an expensive commodity, so now China also has special culture pearl shellfish farm。
Topearl Jewelry Pearl Farmers are Washing Pearl Oysters
Topearl Jewelry Pearl Farmers are Washing Pearl Oysters
Do you know what is the best time to eat “pearl meat”?-The answer is Winter. Because in the summer months the bivalves are spawning, which gives them a weak and watery flavor. During the winter months, when the water is nice and cold, these mollusks really thrive. “They just taste a lot better when the water is colder.”

By the way, as we all know oyster opening pearl parties have been around for years, and it’s very hot on Facebook, at this point, these pearl meat are inedible, as they are added with preservatives.

topearl jewelry Pearl Farming Base
Topearl jewelry Pearl Farming Base

Last but not the least what I want to point out is that Our Topearl jewelry office is located in Beihai and Guangzhou, China, We have our own pearl farm for Chinese Akoya pearls. We sincerely welcome you to come over here for a visit, witness our experienced technicians seeding and harvesting our next crop of Chinese Okoya Pearls during our Pearl Harvest season, and of course you can experience the pleasure of opening pearl oyster and taste the delicious “pearl meat” dishes.