Which Wedding Jewelry Better Symbolizing A Successful Marriage -Pearls or Diamonds Jewelry?

Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set
Freshwater Pearl Strand Necklace and Earrings Jewelry Set
A survey shows that in metropolitan China, more than 85% of married couples buy diamond rings, which have become one of the necessary “big pieces” for marriage nowadays. But when it comes to a successful marriage, If there were only diamond rings, there seemed to be something missing.
A diamond lasts forever, a diamond is forever circulating. The inadvertent work of the creator, the hard stone squeezed by geological movement, has been greatly appreciated by mankind for its hard and brilliant fire. Under the powerful propaganda campaign of the monopoly oligarchy and the global diamond sales organization DeBeers for billions of years, it has been symbolized as a loyal love. Countless men and women in the world who yearn for a good love believe that wearing it when they get married can make the other party feel their hot and steadfast heart, and can witness their love.
The meaning of “everlasting” of diamonds seems to be more confined to rings. Each man and woman wears one, which symbolizes the everlasting agreement between them. However, it is difficult to extend to diamond earrings and necklaces. At the same time, the high price keeps many ordinary newcomers out of the door, because if the hand, neck, and ear are all diamond jewelry, the price will be tens of thousands of yuan. So, excluding the variety of diamonds, what are the choices for brides’necklaces and earrings?
If diamonds represent the meaning of eternity, then pearls express the meaning of perfection. The real masterpiece of the Creator – the only gem conceived by life, the Pearl is known as the “Queen of Jewelry”, has a more appropriate meaning and a more noble status than diamonds at the wedding moment.
When taking wedding photographs for brides all over the world, without exception, white wedding dresses and pearl necklaces are prepared for brides to take pictures of the most beautiful moments in their life. Please note that it is a Pearl necklace, not any other jewelry, including diamonds. If you were a bride, would you refuse to take pictures with pearls?
Let’s take a look at Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Margaret Thatcher, Mrs. Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, as well as many heads of state of lady, political celebrities, fashion star, etc., the world’s most powerful, the most outstanding, the most attractive women are basically the devotees of the pearl, and their love of pearl is better than a diamond for sure. In fact, before the 17th century, it was the age of pearls. At that time, European royal family, Chinese royal family all once legislated for pearl, stipulate only royal person can have a pearl. After the invention of modern pearl cultivation technology, the output of pearls became large and ordinary people could kiss her. And at that time, the diamond was just a shining jewelry “new noble” which could not be concealed.

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Wedding Jewelry PearW Necklace Earring Sets
In fact, in China’s traditional wedding culture, pearls have always symbolized auspiciousness, wealth and perfection, implies the meaning of life, family harmony, health, and longevity. In Chinese folklore, if a woman wears Pearl jewelry, she can restrain her husband’s behavior. Wearing a pearl ring on your forefinger can help you sail smoothly, and everything goes smoothly.
New couples who are preparing to get married, the best symbol of a successful marriage is pearls. When you choose Pearl Earring Dangles wedding jewelry, you’d better not miss the pearls. Pearl jewelry will surely bring you a lucky and beautiful wedding celebration.