Love Wish Freshwater Cultured Pearl Oyster Kit-Wish Pearl Kit Wholesale

wish pearl necklace kit wholesale
wish pearl necklace kit wholesale

There are a lot of creation of DIY Jewelry . The inspiration might come from any items: daily objects, building or even living things. Moreover, this wish pearl kit necklace is quite popular, as you harvest your own pearl in this awesome wish pearl kit gifts!So it’s a great gift for that special someone in your life! Great holiday gift item!

Love Wish Freshwater Pearl in Oyster Gift Set
Love Wish Freshwater Pearl in Oyster Gift Set
ove Wish Freshwater Pearl in Oyster
Love Wish Freshwater Pearl in Oyster
It was so easy and so much fun to open your own oysters!The mollusk shell is not live. It is preserved in the can,non toxic and non edible, and it is easy to open.
Our wish pearl kit product come with an oyster and a pearl cage pendant.This cage is used to hold a wish pearl . The mollusk will have one pearl in it.Pearls are round to near round -not oval or baroque. The pearl cage charms and the colors  of wish pearl are random.
Wish pearls are cultivated in pearl farms,so they are real pearls,some of the pearls are carefully dyed bright colors,such as purple, black,green,blue, etc,white,cream,peach color are no dyed.After that they are grafted into a mollusk ,different from the original one it grew in.They are then preserved in the can and shipped off to you !It is a wish waiting to come true ,all you have to do is just open the oyster ,find the pearl and then pair it with the pearl cage necklace,then you have your very own original pearls in oysters jewelry !
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