How You Can Wear Pearls With Other Stones In Various Combinations.

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Chain Necklace
Cultured Freshwater Pearl Chain Necklace

Is it okay to wear pearls with stones? The answer is —Yes!

Pearls have been highly prized because of their beauty and allure.  Yet although pearls now come in a wide variety of colors, many women still feel that wearing the same type of jewelry looks a little old fashioned, and they do have a point. So Today we will explore how you can wear pearls with other gemstones in various combinations. Just keep reading!

As there is such a wide variety of different color gemstones to select from these days it can prove quite challenging to determine which ones would go well with pearls.

Our guide below goes through some of the factors that should be taken into consideration when deciding what other gemstones can be worn with pearl jewelry.

For more formal occasions you should think about wearing pearls with pearls.  So wear a beautiful pearl necklace with either a matching bracelet or a beautiful pearl of teardrop or stud pearl earrings.

Can we wear pearl and emerald together or can we wear pearl and ruby together?  Yes, it is good to do this, but you should make sure that the rest of the outfit you wear is simple.   Also, make sure that you choose colors in your outfit that will match the items of jewelry you’ve chosen to wear.

In fact, pearls have come along way from just the traditional string of pearls.  There are some really wonderful modern designs that can be worn by women of all ages.

With so many different styles of pearl jewelry to choose from finding a piece that suits your own particular tastes and personality will not prove that difficult.  You can soon be creating a completely unique look that your friends will love and will make you feel like a million dollars.

Gemstone Pink Opal and White Pearls Beaded Women's Jewelry Set
Gemstone Pink Opal and White Pearls Beaded Women’s Jewelry Set

Luckily for you here at, we have a wide array of different pieces of jewelry that include some other beautiful gemstones in their design.  All of the pieces are designed so that the gemstones used to complement the beauty of the pearls without actually taking anything away from them