How to Make Pretty floating Illusion Necklace?

Illusion Necklace tutorial
Illusion Necklace tutorial
With a large number of strands and pearls these illusion necklaces create a statement piece, suitable for formal occasions or that special night out.
However, for everyday wear a simpler floating illusion necklace still gives an eye catching visual impact, and works with a wide range of outfits. Do you want to make your own  Pretty floating Illusion Necklace? Now Follow us and Read This tutorial will teach you a simple way about how to make an illusion necklace; after this illusion necklace instructions you will also master the right skill of backing-through, wrapping and securing beads without knotting and crimping.
If you’ve been searching for free bead patterns for floating illusion necklaces, try this Simple Illusion Necklace. It’s a great way to quickly make an accessory to match that dress for tonight. The best part? No crimp beads involved. It can’t get easier.

The materials and tools for floating illusion necklace instructions:

floating illusion necklace diy tools
floating illusion necklace diy tools
4-5mm nugget freshwater pearls in purple
6-7mm nugget freshwater pearls in purple
0.5mm crystal threads (steel wire for demonstration)
Iron crimp beads
Iron bead tips
Square clasps
Jump rings
All steps for how to make an illusion necklace:

Step 1: attach bead tip to top

how to make an illusion necklace
make an illusion necklace

Step 2: float beads across thread

3 times in order to firmly secure the bead at its position;
Second, add a glass pearl and push it close to the first seed bead;
Third, slide another seed bead, push it close to the previous glass pearl and make the end back through 3 times as done in first process;

Fourth, repeat above process to make the pattern you like;

Step 3: end the illusion necklace instructions

First, attach another bead tip to tail end;

 illusion necklace tutorial
illusion necklace tutorial
Second, use jump rings to hook clasp on both ends.

This simple and dazzling floating Illusion necklace kit is a variation of the floating bead necklace, using cable instead of string and crimps instead of knots.

 illusion necklace DIY tutorial
illusion necklace DIY tutorial

With this same technique, you can make beautiful necklaces with less materials, and this is a great way to use up leftover beads. This inexpensive and lightweight design is perfect for summer.

I suggest crystal thread, owing to its transparency property; first, learn the basic tutorial like how to make an illusion necklace, and then you will get sparked someday and create awesome works by yourself.