How to Choose the Right Leather Pearl Jewelry for Your Body Shape?

Everyone’s body shape is different,and there are various styles of pearl jewelry. Not all pearl jewelry is the most suitable for you. Everyone can match their own style according to their different body shapes. How should we choose the pearl jewelry that is right for our body shape? Here are some simple suggestions.
1. Tall women should pay attention to the texture and style of pearl jewelry
all women are likely to give people a tall, strong and sturdy feeling. When wearing pearl jewelry, you need to pay attention to softening your own sense of height. You need to adopt the principle of diluting the center and brighten on both sides. You can wear a pearl pendant to emphasize the horizontal shape and reduce the vertical shape. Exaggerated and rich styles, pearl necklaces should choose long necklaces, choose large and round pearls, do not choose those smaller pearls. Some large and exaggerated pendants are also a good choice.
2. The petite female pearl jewelry should be simple
Petite women are smaller in size, and they feel delicate.  In the matching of pearl jewelry, just contrary to the tall women, the pearl necklace should be short and simple. The simple and elegant pearl earrings are also a good choice. Remember mainly based on a simple style.
3. Thin women need more width
If a girl is too thin, it will give people a feeling of weakness. So we need to add visual width, this will not give people a feeling of being weak. Most of the thin women’s necks are slender. Therefore, women of this size should make themselves “full” as much as possible. Thin women should pay attention to the selection of some simple and small styles in the selection of necklaces and pendants. The pearl particles should not be too large, and the length of the necklace should not be too long. At the same time, in order to increase the width, you can choose some gorgeous pearl bracelets, earrings or rings.
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4. Plump women choose slim pearl jewelry to elongate the body shape
The main feature of a plump woman is too overstaffed. In the selection of pearl jewelry, try to reduce the width of both sides of the body, so as to cover up the bloated body, all the pearl jewelry that increases the width of the sides of the body should not wear. For example, earrings with horizontal lines, exaggerated pearl bracelets for arms, etc. The pendant of the pearl necklace should be long, thin, large and colorful, which can create a slender effect. Rings, earrings, bracelets, etc. should choose a style with a dull tone and a simple shape.
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Pearl jewelry can perfectly present women’s noble and elegant temperament, and if you want to match the most harmonious visual effect, you can choose the right pearl jewelry style according to your body shape, and the pearl jewelry styles of different body types should be different. In order to maximize the decorative effect of pearl jewelry.