Do Oysters Die After Pearl harvested?


Pearl harvesting usually uses the method of killing mussels and taking pearls out of the Pearl sac. In this way, a mussel can only cultivate pearls once, and its resource utilization rate is only once. If we want to get pearls again, we must start a series of production activities such as mussels breeding, insertion and breeding again.However ,the oyster isn’t wasted, when moving a pearl from the oyster ,every part of the oyster is used , the shell is used to create mother pearl products and the muscle tissue is a little known delicacy .

Pearl harvesting is a complex but fascinating subject.Before the advent of pearl farming, people used to fish for oysters containing pearls. Fishermen would pry open the shells, look for the rare gems and throw the mollusks back into the water.

Cultured pearls develop under controlled conditions in both saltwater and freshwater all over the globe. Oysters used for cultivated pearls are well cared-for before the harvest. Pearl Farmers put the oyster in sheltered breeding area that have nutrient-rich waters. The oysters feed and grow, and as they do so, they deposit layers of lustrous nacre – the defensive coating that gives pearls their beautiful color and iridescence – on the irritant deposited in their mantle, so they can create pearls.

These oysters are lifted from the water periodically, when they are checked for barnacles and other organisms that could interfere with their feeding. Their shells are also treated with medicines that kill off and prevent parasites.

Typically, it takes between six months and three years for a pearl to develop. During this time, pearl farmers care for the oysters by feeding them, checking for parasites and ensuring that water conditions are optimal for the development of pearls.

When pearls are ready to be harvested, pearl farmers remove the oysters from the water. Then, the oysters are transported to harvesting facilities. Workers open the oysters, remove the pearls and prepare the oysters to create more pearls. The edible muscle tissue is usually eaten by the employees of the pearl farm as well sold to the local restaurants.the rest of the oysters used as fertilizer.

In this process ,the pearls are separated from the soft tissues,these machines spin the pearls out of the tissues of the oyster.fresh seawater is being added to dilute the solution a small amount of detergent is added as well .It takes about one minute of spinning for the pearls to be separated from the tissues.because the pearls are heavier,they go to the bottom of the barrel .

Here the operator is opening the valve allowing the pearls to drop into the basket that they are holding .now the pearls are now being rinsed and separated from the little bit of remaining soft tissues of another debris .


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